Healing my body with Bio-puncture and IV at Skin Renewal

*Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable, this is going to be a long one.

While for some time, my Fibromyalgia pain and symptoms have been somewhat under control, about 2 months ago, I started feeling worse than ever. It eventually got so bad that my pain level reminded me of what it felt like when I just got diagnosed 9 years ago. An increase in insomnia, stress, pain and inflammation were the most prominent and, under all of that, lurked the smaller symptoms like headaches, dizziness, fatigue and difficulty walking. I knew it was time to visit Dr. Graham for a follow up and, since that day, have felt like a shiny, brand new person.

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The Essentials with Poetry – A Statement Tee

Keeping in with my last post from my ‘Essentials with Poetry’, I thought I would share another simpler way in which I wear these super comfortable Nylah Skinny Denims and Jenna Sandals.  I chose this 100% cotton printed top simply because it adds a bit of subtle luxury to any look and, when paired with denims, seems effortless without being overwhelming. I particularly enjoy how the sandals give structure to the look without stealing the attention away from the top.

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My current skincare regime with Avène D-Pigment

A little while ago, my go-to skin care brand, Avène, launched their new D-Pigment Range. I have been using these products religiously for the past 2 months and, coupled with my regular peels and treatments, noticed an improved difference in my skin tone and texture. I have written about the brand many times and have used at least one product a day from them since their launch and have never looked back. If you are struggling with an uneven skin tone, then this range is for you!

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The Essentials with Poetry

Synonymous with beautifully tailored clothing and femininity, Poetry has been one of my favorite stores for years. The scent of each store, combined with the elegant clothes on offer, never fails to leave me breathless as soon as I step into a store. When I started working, I told myself that I would save aside some money and buy 1 or 2 items from Poetry each month until I have built up the perfectly subtle yet classy wardrobe I have always dreamed of. In my first post of this series, I will be sharing a few of my current favorite pieces from the brand and offering various ways to style them, starting with the jeans, heels and blouse. 

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